Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I got some toys for the kitchen yesterday!

I did a very, very quick run to the Leesburg outlets yesterday. I would have loved to have stuck around for more, but, Oh well. However, I am happy with the haul I got yesterday.

First, I was able to find, still in stock at the Crate and Barrel Outlet, the melamine dishes I had picked up over a year ago, right before we learned we were moving. Then we bought 4 place settings to use outside or for gatherings we need to bring our own dishes. Well, now my family has five people and the gathering where people bring dishes to serve a table, needs 6 place settings to sponsor a table. So, I bought another 4 place settings. They are made with recycled materials and can be dressed up or down and are seasonless. We aren't into pictures and designs on our dinnerware (we like to showcase the food on the plate, not the plate itself), so these bring back some retro memories while still remaining 'true' to the keep it simple design (meaning they will never truly go out of style). zak confetti dinnerware

Then, I went to the Pottery Barn Outlet. Since I was there last, they have made it mostly furniture. I didn't find anything interesting, but it was nice to look around. Then I went to the Williams Sonoma Outlet. Now that store rocks. You truly get bargains there. For instance, they are currently selling the all-clad electric griddle for $150. Everywhere I see online sells it for $300. all-clad griddle I didn't get this, but it's a good example. All Le Creuset and Staub are 30% off too. Ah, what a store to have fun in! But I was good!

What I did get though was great! I have been looking and looking for a mulling spice ball. I use them to put herbs for soups in them so that I don't have to go dig out garlic chunks, parsley or peppercorns and bayleaves from soups. Mine, after 5 years of weekly winter use, broke a year ago and I haven't been able to find a replacement. They had the exact same one I had before, but I found one I like even better: mulling spice ball Got that for $7 something.

But the jewel of the trip? I got a sparkling water maker! Right there in the store, they were selling for 30% off (starting price was already cheaper than what I could get elsewhere) the SodaStream Genesis sparkling Water Maker - with starter flavor set. Elsewhere I would pay  $100 plus shipping up to $140. I paid $75. Woot! Here's what I got: Sodastream Genesis starter kit  This means that within 2 months, 3 months tops, it will have paid for itself and is much more environmental friendly. I have really, really missed sparkling water. I gave it up due to plastic waste and being tired of hauling tons of water home every week.

I saw a lot more things I would love to have, but my budget spent and my time gone, I went home happy. Now I can make sparkling water at home and buy refillable carbonators when I need them.

I was trying to find a couple more baking pans, but they were out of the ones I wanted and only had smaller ones left. Next time! But their prices for baking pans was cheaper than Target, so I'll just hold on for another trip out there.

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