Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How the best of plans can get derailed!

Last weekend I was planning on making a bread common to Croatia and Bosnia. It's typically served with čevapčići (roughly pronounced chey-vop-chee-chee). The ensemble would have looked something like this:


We were planning a party on Saturday evening for my husband's colleagues to come over. All was going well. The house was mostly cleaned up and ready, the food and drinks were bought. All I needed to do was to roll the cevapcici (skinless sausage). Well.... about 20 minutes into doing that, we lost power - at night. I was in a completely lightless kitchen. Sven, my husband, came down to my rescue with a lantern like flashlight and I continued rolling the sausages. We called the electric company hotline for loss of power and found out it wasn't going to come back on until around 3 am.

Well, now we were worried. I was making 300 cevapcicis! I was working with raw, ground meat! I couldn't just put it in the fridge, so Sven went out to the store and got me ice so I could store the meat containers in coolers (which, thank goodness, we already had in the kitchen, cleaned and ready to hold the drinks for the party - and yes, I rewashed them the next day).

It's one thing rolling finger-like sausages by flashlight. It's quite another trying to make bread. So, the idea was scrapped. This bread is a thrice risen dough. I now had no time to do it. Instead we bought some naan and pita. Both of which were subpar, but hey, want can you do!

We were just happy the electricity finally came back on, but it was at 9 am - we were without power for almost 12 hours! Fortunately, it was a cool night and we have a good, new, well-insulated fridge. NOTHING started to melt or rise in temp in either the fridge or the freezer (we have thermometers). In the morning we checked the temps of the meat in the coolers with an insta-read thermometer and phew... they were a cool 42 degrees. SAFE!!!

Party went well too! Our new house is really great for entertaining. Which I hope means we'll do it more often.

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