Friday, August 13, 2010

Going to my favorite outlet tomorrow

Tomorrow I am escaping home. I have to run an errand in Virginia - an errand I have delayed as long as I can. I thought about going today, but with the rain and dealing with traffic, or trying to avoid traffic, I just don't want to deal with it. Plus, if I wait a day, I can be alone.

Anyone ever get that way? I don't want a timeline guiding me - just to go and be... eating when I want to eat, stopping when I want to stop and just enjoying window shopping and a casual day.

I hope to find a couple things - I have a cheap dinnerware set that is missing pieces, I can pick those up at the outlet still. I need a couple cookie sheets as we ditched some awful ones with moving, and maybe I'll find something fun for baking. I have a little list of 'wants' that aren't so expensive and would give me the 'pampered' feeling while still being useful. I'm not one to get a manicure or pedicure or massage. (I'm 40 years old and never had any of that). I always feel that's a waste of money (for me).], but if it's something that would make my life easier, but isn't a necessity, that always makes me happy.

My 'cheap stuff' wish list for baking/kitchen items are:

larger banneton
slashing tool for baking/lame
couche linen for baking
silicone lids for bowls
yogurt maker (not one with small cups, but a larger 1-2 quart capacity)

Of course, I have a much more expensive wish list too for the kitchen. I especially want a sparkling water maker.

I am loving the sparkling water maker. Have you seen it? SodaStream Sparkling Water Maker   I love sparkling water. You know, the kind that is just flavored carbonated water? No calories, but fizzy and refreshing? They only cost 69 cents a bottle at the grocery store for the cheap stuff. But two things keep me from buying. 1. they are heavy and inconvenient to bring home. 2. and most importantly, I hate buying plastic water bottles. Yes, I can recycle, but it's still a HUGE waste. I'm trying to figure out costs here a bit. If you buy the pure (plastic BPA free bottles versus glass bottles), and with kids - I'm still going plastic, cost for the unit and 3 carbonators is $190... makes 180 liters. If you take out the cost of the machine, it's $45 for the carbonation to make 180 liters. Which is 25 cents a bottle. It would take about 340 liters of water to pay for the machine. And, in our family, that would mean drinking about one liter of sparkling water a day for a  bit under a year, or 2 liters of sparkling water a day for about 5 months. That latter is much more likely and it's even more likely we would drink even more.  I want one SO BAD... but will try to be good and wait for my anniversary or birthday when I can justify it. Sigh.

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