Sunday, October 9, 2011

This is why baking is worth it

Today was a busy day. I didn't have time to make pancakes or bread or anything. But, there was homemade goods for the family to eat. And I like it so much better when they grab something where I know what they are getting versus all the artificial crap they get in store bought stuff.

My teenager especially is notorious for grabbing quick snacks that take no effort or thought. Washing up a pear is too much work. Opening up the refrigerator is too much work. If it's not on the counter or in the snack drawer, he won't eat it. So, tonight, about 2 hours after dinner (and we had a nice, nice dinner of grilled salmon, grilled green beans and red potatoes - all tossed with parsley, olive oil and garlic) when he came running down the stairs to grab a snack. He didn't go to the snack drawer to get a cookie or a chip. He went to the counter and grabbed a slice of banana coconut lime bread.

Sure, it's still junk food. But there is junk and then there is junk. This has nutritional value too. A nutter butter cookie does not.

half eaten banana chocolate quick bread

I had two loaves of quick bread out today. They will be gone tomorrow. Good thing my new freezer is stocked with more.

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