Friday, October 7, 2011

I'm a kitchen gadgets queen

It's a good thing I have a fairly roomy kitchen (big in square footage, not so big in number of cabinets) and a butler's pantry and cabinets in the mudroom as I use a lot of things while cooking.

Just like with handyman tools, having the right tool can make the job much more efficient and I'm all about efficiency in the kitchen. And I like high quality things, because again, they make my job easier.

Here and there between different baking bouts, I will highlight some of my favorite kitchen tools and maybe some of my organization tips. Because if you have a lot of stuff, you have to keep track of it all and keep it handy for use.

Some tools you might not have ever heard of or seen in use. Others are common place but maybe overlooked for other purposes and so on. Or maybe I just like it and want to say how much I like it.

Plan for today, if I get to it, is to make some banana chocolate bread. It's a recipe I made up from tweaking another recipe and the kids love it. It is so simple and super yummy.

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