Sunday, July 25, 2010

How I've began

Not wanting to spend a fortune on bread anymore, feeling quite confident I could make bread as good as what I could find in the grocery store and hoping to make it even better (dreaming of making it like a true artisan, neck in neck with quality as the great bakeries), I started making breads in our new kitchen.

The first loaves - 8 to be precise. Were loaves I had perfected in previous years. We love them for sandwiches and for sweet bread. However, my mother in law didn't like it and who wants to eat the same bread every day?

So, my first breads were those you see in the loaf pans - cut and uncut. Pretty successful. But, note - they are in bread pans! Ah! One thing I haven't mastered and will talk about in the next post. I haven't learned how to get doughs to rise without spreading. I'm completely in awe with bakers who can get round balls and keep them that way!

Next, as the heat wave is making baking inadvisable, I decided to make English muffins. Sounds easy enough and all went well, but alas, my dough was too stiff and while tasty, they were tiny and had the consistency of a dinner roll, not an English muffin.

Why is it that I can't get those nice airy holes like you see in artisan breads? My dough rises, my kneading is done correctly, and I always follow the recipe. But... no nooks and crannies. Can I call them crumpets then instead?

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