Thursday, July 29, 2010

Baking into the wee hours of the morning

I didn't get to baking until 10 pm and I totally didn't realize that the sachertorte cake would take until 2:00 to finish! Wowzers. I was too tired and out of steam (plus dealing with other stuff) to try to tackle two cakes. The cake turned out according to the book's directions and picture. Yet, when my mother in law saw it this morning, she informed me that the original (as she's had it directly from the source in Vienna) is taller and the icing is not shiny. And that comment just had me chuckle because it was so predictable. I have yet to make anything that she has had or has made better than how she remembers it. It will always start out, "this is good, but..." or, "This isn't x because..." and so on. But that's OK, it's just how she is. The rest of my family enjoys and everyone I cook for at gatherings enjoy what I create. That's just her quirk, and since it's so predictable, it makes me laugh (after years of banging my head against the wall trying to get approval).

Yesterday for my mother in law's birthday we went around to different European (really Russian) delis and groceries and a couple Kosher bakeries. There I saw mandelbread, and one similar to a recipe a good friend of mine makes. Later, she gave me the recipe (again). Woohoo! So, I plan to make that today.

Then, last night, while at the grocery store getting cake ingredients, bananas were 19 cents a pound and ripe, so I bought a bunch and will make some quick breads with that. This weekend is supposed to cool off, so it's a perfect time to bake. I still have to figure out which yeasted bread I'm going to try this time. I think I might go for a super easy, in a loaf pan, bread while I work on a starter. Or I might get brave and try the Pain de Campagne Honfleur again... we'll see how brave I am.

Ugh, speaking of starters. Last night at the grocery store, I bought the rye flour for the starter, but forgot the pineapple juice!  But then, I also forgot my son's favorite bread which he insists upon for peanut butter sandwiches (He is on the autism spectrum and has food quirks). Hmmm... though this morning he allowed the bakery challah bread as a substitute. Challah anyone?

Lastly, I've only been blogging a few days and someone has already offered to send me a dried starter. How cool is that?

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