Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The 7 year old's birthday cake.

This past Sunday my little guy turned 7. I guess he's not so little any more, huh? It is all perspective. When you also have a nearly 6'2" 15 year old, 7 seems pretty small.

Well, months ago I made a birthday cake for a friend's daughter. This girl wanted an Angry Birds cake and it turned out really cute. Here are some photos:

My then 6 year old was really impressed with the cake and he didn't forget it, so when it was time to choose his cake, what did he want? An Angry Birds cake, of course.

Thing is. I'm not an artist, so this cake intimidated me, but there was a couple tutorials on how to make the Angry Birds: and then I'm a very visual person who is good at piecing things together - puzzling through things and figuring out how to accomplish a task. So, for some reason, I was able to do this fairly quickly and easily. Can't draw or paint to save my life, but somehow, it comes together with cake, a very fickle medium! Go figure. Here are some close ups of the figures I made:

Problem was with his birthday's date. It landed on one of the busiest weeks I had. I had a silent auction to deal with, a dinner party, a taping of Jeopardy to go to and this birthday cake. I was up till the wee hours getting it done.

For his cake too, I used an Italian Meringue frosting which is more to our liking taste-wise. However, for decorative purposes, it's not as nice to work with as it's softer and doesn't take color as well. He didn't care about that though. He loved the figures (which we still have) and the taste. This cake below is huge. So the figures were bigger too which was much easier to make and, of course, second time around is quicker too.

Best thing was though, the birthday boy said it was scrumptious! (and it really was). That day? I only ate cake and added 4 pounds of mostly water weight that day. Yikes!

Here are pictures of his cake (click on the photos to see them larger):

And here's the birthday boy and me. He wanted to share his cake with his friends at Sunday school which was nice.

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