Sunday, September 5, 2010

While mother in law is away Berryblondeboys will play!

My mother in law will say, "food is food" or "I don't care about food". Well, right... she's probably the pickiest person I know, but won't admit it. Basically, she likes her food, the food she grew up with in her home, prepared by her grandmother, her mother, and then finally what she prepared for herself. She doesn't like eating at other people's houses and doesn't particularly like how the prepare food. She doesn't like to eat at restaurants because she doesn't know how to know what's good and she is confused by menus. She doesn't like ethnic cuisines and doesn't like spicy. She isn't fond of pizza or pasta, and so on.

But, my mother in law is gone for 5 weeks and the day she left, I read up on about different cuisines I've been wanting to try my hand at cooking: Thai, Indian and Middle Eastern. After spending a couple hours searching, I checked with our library and they have three of the five books I'm most interested in, and had a couple more to try. So, while my mother in law is gone, I will be trying my hand at those cuisines. I cannot wait! The first book is already in. The one on middle eastern cuisine. My mouth is already watering. Yum! Yum!

But first I have a picnic for Labor Day tomorrow and then I'll be running to the international store for the spices, foods I can't usually find in the run of the mill grocery store. Hmm... I'll have to take some pictures while there. So many food that are ordinary in parts of the world and I'm clueless on how to prepare them. Have you all ever seen a jackfruit? That thing is the size of large watermelon with brown prickly spines all over. I've read about it, but I imagined it the size of a cantelope or something, but it's enormous! Stuff like that.

So, time to play in the kitchen - and clean the garage and mudroom and so on. With all that 'crap' I have to do - fun time in the kitchen will be a treat!

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